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Paper.io 2

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Paper.io 2

Will the crown be yours? Seize as much territory as you can in order to lay claim to it in Paper.io 2

It’s a thrilling io game that will pit you against other players from all around the world. Take control of your dot while you try to simultaneously defend your turf and expand its borders. Will you be able to dominate the board? The player who lands in first place will earn the crown, but there’s no telling how long they’ll be able to hang on to it! 

Caution and knowing just the right moments to grab more territory are integral to surviving longer than a few seconds while you play this intense io game. If another player crashes into the trail behind your dot, you’ll lose everything you’ve gained thus far, up to and including the crown! 

How to play Paper.io 2? 

Paper.io 2 is a competitive multiplayer game. Lead your dot around the board while you encircle and claim as much territory as you can. However, you must be cautious. Your dot will leave a trail behind it. If another player crashes into it, your dot will explode and you’ll lose all the territory you’ve gained.

Game controls 


  • USE THE ARROW KEYS to move your dot. 


  • MOVING THE MOUSE will also move your dot. 


  • Customise your dot and territory with cool skins and other designs. 
  • Enjoy amazing and very addictive gameplay. 
  • Keep track of who’s on top with the leaderboard. 
  • Earn the crown and find out how long you can keep it. 

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Who developed Paper.io 2? 

Paper.io 2 was designed by Voodoo, a company that has created other splendid games like Helix Jump and Hole.io.

Can I play Paper.io 2 on mobile? 

Absolutely! You’ll find it over in both Google Play and the Apple App Store

Game controls

How to Play Paper.io 2


Need help? watch our Walkthrough for this game.

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